[WATCH] ‘AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL’ — A New Short from the Writer of ‘DOCTOR STRANGE’


In the last four years C. Robert Cargill has gone from a first-time screenwriter to an A-list screenwriter. He popped onto everyone’s radar with his screenplay for SINISTER and its sequel, which he co-wrote with the first film’s director, Scott Derrickson. When Derrickson was hired to helm Disney’s Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE, out in a few short weeks, he brought Cargill along for scripting duties. The result, by most advance accounts, is one of the trippiest blockbusters in recent memory, and a real game-changer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In between these projects, Cargill wrote a short called AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL for director Nikhil Bhagat and today we have a look at the finished product.

An angelic-bounty-hunting atmospheric thriller in the vein of a dark superhero movie, AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL is gorgeously shot and superbly direct in its intentions, and the visual effects are feature-level good. Me personally, I see the film as a proof of concept of a larger story waiting to be told; there’s definitely room for expansion here. And furthermore, I think it bodes well for what Cargill’s done with DOCTOR STRANGE, as there’s definitely a mystical-action quality to AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL.

Bhagat too seems poised for feature success, his direction is subtle yet stark, fluid and seamless like we too are angels on the ledge, or perhaps the hunters peering through sights. If he can create this much richness and tone in a few short minutes, imagine what he could do with a feature.

Check it out and let Cargill and Bhagat know what you thought in the comments and on Twitter. Who knows, maybe we can help drum up enough support to get that feature greenlit.

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