Watch Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell Charm and Kill in Mr. Right Trailer

Mr. Right: Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell

With the disaster that American Ultra turned out to be back in September, one would think writer Max Landis wouldn’t revisit the concept of a normal girl involved with a seemingly normal guy both thrust into not-so-normal circumstances. But – surprise – it looks like he has in the upcoming romantic comedy Mr. Right. You can check out the first trailer below (via Yahoo).

Mr. Right, written by Landis and directed by Paco Cabezas, stars the ever-talented Sam Rockwell and the ever-likeable Anna Kendrick. Kendrick plays the quirky Martha who gets her heart broken after catching her boyfriend cheating on her. She seems to give up on finding a good man until she quite literally bumps into Rockwell’s character Francis, suave, sweet and quirky himself, at a convenience store in an explosion of condom boxes.

She’s immediately wooed and the two begin dating, until she eventually discovers that he’s a deadly hit man (whoops!) that happens to kill those that hire him (oh, he has a heart!) The question now is whether she can stay with Francis despite his job, not to mention all the while a group of bad guys and an FBI agent (Tim Roth) are out to take him down.

It’s a concept that’s been done many times before and typically ends one of two ways; the girl works her love into the guy so much that he ceases his killing ways, or the two are such a match that they become a team. I’m betting that Landis didn’t rewrite the game here and instead went with either of those conclusions or some variation of them.

Despite the possible predictability, Kendrick and Rockwell are always fun to watch and their charisma and charm will likely make the difference between Mr. Right being a run-of-the-mill dud or a fairly fun and funny rom-com that uses its two leads in all the right ways. Mr. Right also stars James Ransone (Tangerine) and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, and hits select theaters and VOD April 8.