We all know that music can conjure a wide range of emotions, but in the world of film it gets a little more complicated: a sad song isn’t just a sad song, it depends on its visual accompaniment for its final effect. By that measure, a sad song can be used for comedic purposes the same way a happy song can be used to augment tragedy.

In the following movie-music playlist video from Jacob T. Swinney for Fandor, those wide-ranging emotions and varied effects that music can instill in an audience are illustrated using clips and songs from such films as RESERVOIR DOGS, ZODIAC, MAGIC MIKE XXL, BOOGIE NIGHTS, TOMMY BOY and a whole host of others. The clips are arranged by theme – comedy, creepiness, irony et cetera – each forming their own little playlist of emotional resonance. Turn this one up to 11.

Movie Music Playlists from Fandor Keyframe on Vimeo.

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