‘Warm Bodies’ Trailer Proves That Even a Decaying Zombie Heart Can Feel Love

‘Warm Bodies’ Trailer Proves That Even a Decaying Zombie Heart Can Feel Love

Warm Bodies Trailer

Zombies don’t exactly lend themselves to teen romance stories as well as vampires do, what with their flesh being all gross and decaying, like a jack o’ lantern in November, rather than pale and smooth, like a porcelain doll. But that’s not going to stop the creators of Warm Bodies from capitalizing on the current zombie crazy by making a teen zombie romance anyway.

Ridiculous idea or not, one has to admit that the zombie apocalypse genre can get pretty homogenous and predictable, and could use some sprucing up. It feels kind of refreshing to see a zombie movie where the walking dead have thoughts and emotions, but have trouble acting on them due to their newly unresponsive bodies and overpowering craving to consume living flesh. Not only does the conceit seem to make for good comedy, but there are hints in this new Warm Bodies trailer that it could make for an effective character moment or two as well; which kind of makes sense, because this one is being brought to us by Jonathan Levine, the director of the funny, yet affecting cancer drama 50/50.

Can you buy the concept of a zombie falling in love, or are you too much of a zombie purist to give this one a chance? Check out the trailer [from ET, via /Film] and decide for yourself.

You’ll want to know which way you’re leaning once the film’s February 1 release rolls around.

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