Wanted Sequels to Go Right to Film, Skip the Comic Step

It comes as no surprise that the hit film Wanted, an adaptation of the Mark Millar, J.G. Jones comic books will spawn at least two sequels. But the films will be stand alone originals with some input from the authors of the original comic miniseries.

Wanted made $55 million dollars on its opening weekend and the decision to make a sequel came quickly. Wanted screenwriters Derek Haas and Michael Brandt have been at work on the screenplay for the sequel for a while now.

Millar told Newsarama:

“It will be some of the stuff that we didn’t utilize from the first book for the movie – like chapters three and four – there will be some stuff from that, so in the loosest sense it will be based on the book, but only very little. The nice thing about owning it and creator-owned properties is that JG and I will still be producers on the thing, and will still obviously get paid for the rights.”

While some people thought Millar and Jones would reopen the “Wanted” miniseries in comic book form they are sticking to their guns to keep it to the original length. The creators of “Wanted” feel strongly that their work was complete in the six comic books. They’re happy to move on to new projects, but are also pleased to have some input into future Wanted films.

How many people out there want to see sequels to Wanted? Or was once enough?

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