Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Trailer: Greed is Good

by David Baxter

Greed is good.

Wall Street was a searing look at the short-term, out-for-yourself, attitude that was borne of 80’s excess. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps looks to be a searing look at the short-term, out-for-yourself, attitude that was borne of 00s excess. Will we ever learn?

IMDb has the teaser trailer and it fills me with hope and, more than that, excitement. So much excitement that instead of writing this last night I immediately visited the DVD shelf and got out Wall Street for a well overdue re-watch. The themes in the first film have crystallized and I genuinely believe this should be regarded as one of Oliver Stone’s very best films.

Back to the task at hand though, the sequel. Filling the Charlie Sheen role we have current wunderkind Shia LaBeouf, who brings the necessary sheen which will no doubt be muddied as he gets tangled in the money game. Josh Brolin seems a good fit as well, although we don’t see much of him in the trailer. And then we have Michael Douglas. Michael Douglas filling the role that he says made him. Michael Douglas back on form. Thats a guess based on how fantastically he seems to slip back into the snakey Gordon Gekko. Oh how I love the leaving jail scene, and even more than that just the looks that let you know he’s back. Much like Oliver Stone I hope.

The big question this film raises in my mind is, given the current anger at the bankers and wall street players, and yet little action, will this film have quite as happy an ending as the first?

Remember Greed isn’t just good anymore, it’s legal.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is out April 23rd 2010.

What do you think? What’s the best Oliver Stone film?

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