WALL-E: Coming to a Theme Park Near You

There’s no doubt about it. WALL-E is the cutest robot to grace the silver screen since R2-D2. He’s just adorable on the screen, but he’s even more adorable in person.

This past fall, WALL-E started to appear in theater lobbies as a complex standee, with motion sensors surrounding it so it would talk to passers-by. It wasn’t just a hit with the kids, but adults too couldn’t help but interact with the cardboard Pixar character.

Now, people will have a new chance to interact with WALL -E in person. According to The Pixar Blog and the theme park web site watchdog Screamscape, the Disney theme parks are building three-foot-tall (which is life-size, in case your were wondering) mobile animatronic versions of WALL-E. These live-action characters will roam the parks and interact with guests and their children.

Yes, it’s another reason to engage in the flood of commercialism that is the Disney theme parks. (Sure, it seems a bit much as an adult, but the kids simply go bonkers in these places.)

The first WALL-E models will be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park inside Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Additional models are expected to be rolled out in the Disneyland Resort parks in California as well, making Earth’s last robot bi-coastal.

But that’s not the real story for me. As a huge Pixar fan and a child at heart (with a couple kids at home to boost my interest), I want to know when we can get a life-size version of this summer’s hit movie robot to help around the house. That would be awesome.

Source: Pixar Blog and Screamscape