Voltron Has a Queer Eye for it’s Director Guy

Only a great director could pull off a film version of the Japanese animated series, Voltron, and Relativity Media is bringing it with… Max Makowski, director of “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.” WTF?

Latino Review tells us that the little known but highly regarded director has been given the challenge of taking on a scaled-down version of the cult classic, thanks in large part to buzz he received for his directing of One Last Dance, a hit at the Sundance Film Festival that featured Harvey Keitel. He also re-wrote the script for Hawaii Five-O. Quite the heavy-hitter indeed. Cough. Makowski’s selection is said to be the equivalent of Zach Snyder to 300, and that worked out pretty well, now didn’t it?

What really stands out on Makowski’s resume to me, for better or worse, is his work on the hit TV series “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy”. How do you go from a show that critiques heterosexual dating to Japanese animation? Only in America. Well, if the film sucks at least we know the five lion robots will look fabulous.

Voltron is the story of five survivors of an alien attack who unite to save Earth from invaders, able to do so by piloting five lion-shaped robots who form to create Voltron, a sword-wielding badass, and easily the best action figure of all-time. Sorry, Transformers.

Photo courtesy of JPRart at DeviantArt

Do you like the pick of a relatively unknown director? What is your favorite animated series of all-time?

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