Viral Video: 1970 News Broadcast for Dr. Manhattan

Yet again, the marketing departments are showing how imaginative they can be in hooking superfans deeper and grabbing unsuspecting film fans with advertising disguised as actual media material. Last year, The Joker terrorized us, sent us to bowling alleys, and sold us out to the Gotham Police Department.

Now, the team behind selling Watchmen has earned similar praise with an incredible new video mimicking the 1970’s style news man (stay classy, San Diego) doing a report on Ten Years of Dr. Manhattan – a true milestone in American History. They’ve nailed the beta-video look and single-source sound that characterized those broadcasts, making this video even more a part of that brilliant alternate universe where masked heroes exist and Nixon is still president.

Thanks to /film for the tip.

What do you think? How cool is this? Really cool or awesomely cool? Did you know that Dr. Manhattan prefers a banana hammock? At least during tribute news broadcasts?

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