Venom’s Creator Wants Him Creepier in a Solo Flick

VenomAmidst the crap that was Spider-Man 3 (singing, dancing, emo angst) there was the glory of evil villain Venom. Played by That 70’s Show’s Topher Grace, Venom was pretty much a bad-ass. Fans’ biggest complaint with Venom, however, was his lack of on-screen time. Grace did a fine job bringing the monster to life, and the visual effects used to create Venom were fantastic. The teeth especially scared the hell out of me.

Now Todd McFarlane wants Venom to be creepier than ever for a possible spin-off movie. McFarlane is one of the artists who created Venom for the Amazing Spider-Man comics. And while he wants to be true to the character, McFarlane explained to IGN that understands not to go too far:

“He should be creepier than he was in Spider-Man 3. You don’t want to scare the kids, because the kids love the character, but I think you could add a little bit of a creep factor.”

And on debating the idea of a spin-off movie when past films have been disasters (Catwoman, Scorpion King), McFarlane had this to say:

“The reason [villains are] so cool as a bad guy is because they’re bad. And as soon as you try to give too much humanity to them, then you go, ‘No! Now they’re not as good as a bad guy because you’re trying to redeem them’.”

While I seriously doubt Venom could ever be anything but a maniacal, space-demon, super-villain… I think some deeper back-story on the character could be useful in plot development.

Do you think a Venom spin-off movie would be cool?

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