‘Vehicle 19’ Trailer: Paul Walker Goes For a Furious Joy Ride

Vehicle 19

Watching the new trailer for Vehicle 19 doesn’t really give you a very clear idea of what the movie is about, but it does make it clear that some high-ranking and dangerous people are very mad about something, and that in order to stay alive in the face of their wrath, Paul Walker is going to have to drive really fast and crash a bunch of cars. For fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, of which there are many, that should be enough, so look for Vehicle 19 to be a big hit.

The rest of you are likely going to be harder sells, but does it help at all to hear that in addition to doing a bunch of driving in this movie, Walker also spends a lot of time dramatically yelling? No? Okay, so maybe this isn’t the movie for you, but for the rest of us, fast cars, loud crashes, and pretty explosions are reason enough to tune out the world for a couple of hours and take in an action movie, so Vehicle 19 comes as a welcome distraction.

We might have to wait a while to get that distraction though, because the film still doesn’t have a release date beyond “2013.” Just remember: a vague promise of eventual Paul Walker driving action is better than no Paul Walker driving action at all. Until we get more concrete word on when this one is coming out, we’ll all just have to continue wearing out our DVD copies of Joy Ride in order to get by.

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