Vampires Suck Trailer: Because Spoofing Twilight Should Include Lady Gaga

Vampires Suck

This is what I don’t understand about the works of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg, the genius writer/director team behind the last decade’s run of spoof movies – Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, and the like. They aren’t focused. Some of their jokes – about one in every four – are funny. The over-arching problem with their movies is that instead of lampooning one subject, like sword and sandals movies in Meet the Spartans, they feel the need to throw in every possible pop culture reference. Thus, we get Britney Spears being tossed into the pit of despair. It’s tragically unfunny. Enter Vampires Suck, their latest sure thing. It’s a spoof of Twilight – that includes Lady Gaga. You see the disconnect here?

For once I’d like to see them stay on topic. There’s no reason why this movie should include Alice in Wonderland or Jersey Shore. There is plenty of fun to be made of the current trend in vampire-loving. But seeing as that is not likely to happen, I guess I’d prefer that they stop making movies altogether. At this point their embarrassing themselves and shaming the very concept of humor with every failed joke. This sad but seemingly unstoppable train continues to chug along though, this time with the story of human girl Becca and her love triangle with vampires, werewolves and pop culture icons. It proves nothing but the fact that Friedberg and Seltzer don’t understand the concept of spoofing. They really need to sit down and watch a few Mel Brooks movies.

Who am I kidding? No one cares what this movie is about. Lets just watch the trailer together and get it over with. Vampires Suck is due in theaters August 18, 2010. As well, there are reports from /Film that it’s already been leaked online in its entirety. We wouldn’t recommend downloading it – mostly because it’s not worth the time and bandwidth, but also because piracy is lame.

Side note: what is Ken Jeong doing in this movie?

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