‘Vampire’s Assistant’ Trailer Introduces Us to the Freaks

Ah, the family film-ification and mainstream appeal that this film has sunk its teeth into is really apparent after this new trailer. At first, I thought it might have a little more depth considering the indie pick song and the camera work in the opening, but it quickly transforms into something that looks more like the family films we’ve come to expect in the past few years.

But, despite what looks like a blend of cool acting and terrible jokes from John C. Reilly as the main vamp, the trailer for The Vampire’s Assistant does do a good job of displaying all the Freaks – Patrick Fugit as Evra the Snake Boy, Ken Watanabe as the malformed Mr. Tall, Jane Krakowski as some sort of regenerating woman, and a quick look at Salma Hayek with a beard.

And is there anything hotter than a woman who covers her cleavage with a full French Fork?

So, yeah, it looks like it’s pretty generic. Or at least that it was the sort of gloss that comes with some cringe-worthy one-lines and a schmaltzy lesson about courage and being happy with yourself or something like that. Plus, it tells us that sneaking into 21+ clubs and making out with girls that have tails is totally cool

But, even with what is a pretty average trailer, I’m still holding out a little hope that American Pie director Paul Weitz can mine some great stuff from the Brian Helgeland co-written script. Helgeland wrote Payback and L.A. Confidential for God’s sake.

Maybe American Pie and L.A. Confidential weren’t such a great collaboration?


Who would have thought?

Source: Moviefone

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