UPDATED: Want to See Batman’s Bat-Pod and Tumbler Alongside Other Ravenous, Hysterical ‘Dark Knight…

By  · Published on May 11th, 2012

UPDATED: Want to See Batman’s Bat-Pod and Tumbler Alongside Other Ravenous, Hysterical ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Fans?

UPDATED: The Tumbler Tour’s official page has now listed its full list of stops and, in many cases, precise locations! Head over to the Tumbler Tour page and click on “Tour Dates” in the upper right hand corner.

If you’re eagerly anticipating Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises as much as most people (in Reject terms, we’re second-best anticipating it) and its release date of July 20th is just too damn far away for you to handle, Warner Bros. is rolling out a special tour of two essential items in the Batman franchise that might fit you like a glove (skintight Batman suit?). Warner and Legendary Pictures have just unveiled a multi-state “Tumbler Tour” for Batman’s Tumbler and Bat-Pod, both of which are trucking it across the country over the next three months.

Mountain Dew and IMAX are sponsoring the tour, which is currently set to hit over twenty different towns and cities, so not only can you rest your eyeballs on two of the Bat’s favorite modes of transportation, we’re betting you can refresh your tastebuds with everyone’s favorite green soda. Hey, it’s something to do! Details are otherwise slim, including precise event locations, if we can expect any special guests to show up, and pretty much anything else (will you be able to touch the Tumbler? The world needs to know!), but it should prove to be an interesting way to satiate fans until The Dark Knight Rises explodes everyone’s minds later this summer.

After the break, check out the current list of cities that the Tumbler and Bat-Pod will be rolling into, starting this weekend in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Bentonville, Arkansas May 12
Tulsa, Oklahoma May 15
Overland Park, Kansas May 19
Kansas City, Missouri May 21
Chicago, Illinois May 25
Washington, DC May 27
Baltimore, Maryland May 28
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 30
Buffalo, New York June 1
Toronto, Canada June 7
Montreal, Canada June 10
Purchase, New York June 12
Columbus, Ohio June 13
Lansing, Michigan June 15
Detroit, Michigan June 16
Brooklyn, Michigan June 17
Indianapolis, Indiana June 19
Nashville, Tennessee June 21
Knoxville, Tennessee June 22
Atlanta, Georgia June 23
Dallas, Texas June 25
San Antonio, Texas June 27
El Paso, Texas June 29
Albuquerque, New Mexico July 1
Phoenix, Arizona July 2
Los Angeles, California July 7

More stops will be added along the way, so be sure to keep up with Tumbler Tour (which appears to be, amusingly enough, run on a Tumblr blog). Will you go see the Bat-Pod and Tumbler on the tour? [via ComingSoon]

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