‘Up’ Footage is Bootlegged for Your Approval


Somehow we were blessed with the DNA necessary to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned chainsaw through the rib cage as well as a heart-warming, smile-inducing family film. Or maybe Pixar has somehow genetically altered us to love their films. Whichever the case, there’s a great new scene/concept footage/showcase that’s just shown up on the internet in bootleg form.

But it’s actually really steady bootleg form. Viral marketing or really talented clandestine camera-operator? You be the judge:

Exclusive Trailer For ‘Up’ from Sony Insider on Vimeo.

I have no idea why the sidekick is so lazy, but it looks like we’re getting the same brand of clever, playful humor mixed with the inventiveness of the artform that Pixar has come to represent. Up doesn’t hit theaters until May, but it’s quickly becoming one of my most anticipated movies of the year.

What do you think? Anyone care to do the physics requires to show the margin of weight distribution needed to upset the gravitational pull by removing the mass of an 11-year old from the downward force? Didn’t think so.