Universal Options Unreleased ‘Dante’s Inferno’ Video Game Instead of Novel

I figured you’d want to start your Monday with some really baffling news, and thankfully, the fine folks at Universal are more than willing to provide. According to Variety, the production giant has purchased an EA property entitled (possibly) “Dante’s Inferno,” a game that hasn’t even been released yet. The price tag? An unnamed option fee against a purchase price with seven figures in it.

Little is known about the game, since it doesn’t exist in the marketplace yet, except that it sees some sort of hero or heroes descending into Hell. Much like the novel that the video game completely stole their (possible) name from.

So basically, the only thing we know about the game is that they’ve stolen the name and concept from a classic novel.

Which begs the question – why not just option Dante’s novel instead?

It’s likely, and this is just speculation, that the game will actually be based around some sort of clever rogue cop named Dante- perhaps one from Raccoon City or one created in The Sims – that travels down into Hell to complete some world-saving task like finding Pope Pius XII and stopping Satan from teaming up with Saddam Hussein to take over the world. Just speculation.

My other speculation is that this, like almost all video game films, will fail miserably. Or maybe I’m just bitter that a classic is getting ripped off. Maybe the video game will feature aliens or something to make it more original.

Even more baffling is why four major production companies would be part of the bidding war for a game that could totally flop upon release. Hollywood sure does like rolling the dice, eh?

What do you think? Am I being unfair? Can EA Games successfully take us into Hell in time for Universal to drag us back down there? If this is infringement, can Zombie Dante Alighieri sue Universal and demand brains?