UK Trailer for ‘Like Crazy’ Reinforces That Love is Hell

Sundance veteran Drake Doremus returned to Park City this year with a very different film than 2010’s Douchebag. For his 2011 entry, Doremus brought along Like Crazy, a sensitive and romantic film that doesn’t rely on anyone taking their shirt off or ludicrous meet-cutes or casts packed with tween pop stars to make it work.

I saw the film back in January at Sundance, and it is one of two romantic dramedies with a young, hip cast from the festival that has stuck in my mind these many months. The other one, the Freddie Highmore-starring The Art of Getting By (retitled from its Sundance name, Homework) has remained in my brain mainly due to how much I hated it. It’s frowned upon to spit when speaking about films, but that’s been the best way I’ve found to physically express how terrible that movie was, and how emotionally disingenuous.

On the flipside, there was Doremus’s Like Crazy, which stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones (with co-starring appearances by Jennifer Lawrence and Charlie Bewley). Not to get emotional over here (because, you know, gross), but Like Crazy is one of the best films about long distance relationships I’ve ever seen (and I know from long distance relationships).

Yelchin stars as American student Jacob, who falls for British fox Anna (Jones). They love, they wine, they dine, they giggle, they make furniture, they spend a lot of time in bed – and then she has to go back across the pond. The film charts their relationship over many years, toying with the idea that they may be unable to live without each other, even as they hurt the hell out of each other (over and over and over, it may cause PTSD in some viewers).

And while that description sounds overwrought and this first UK trailer for the film is tremendously overwrought (a piano-heavy, ultra-sad version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”? Ick, hide the razor blades), the film itself is not. It’s just honest, true stuff. Also, if you’re some sort of government processes obsessive, the film also offers tons of information about international visa law, so that’s always a good way to offset emotional trauma.

Like Crazy opens on October 28th.

Source: Apple

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