TyRuben Ellingson Uses Google to Rain Conceptual Movie Death Down From Above

For a company with the motto “Don’t be evil,” it’s a bit ironic that Google is enabling TyRuben Ellingson to create weapons of mass destruction.

Ellingson – the lead vehicle designer for James Cameron’s Avatar, whose credits also range from Battle: Los Angeles to Hellboy and Blade: Trinity – was singing the praises of Google Sketchup Tuesday night.

While speaking at his undergraduate alma mater – St. Cloud State University – he praised Google’s free 3-D modeling software as an easy-to-use tool for creating conceptual designs, including the deadly powersuits used by humans to rain devastation upon the unfortunate Na’vi.

Aside from ease-of-use, Ellingson noted the program is free which means that even you can start drawing things meant to kill other things in wonderful, violent ways.

So, as countless people are out there using SketchUp to create detailed virtual cities, you’ve got Hollywood artists using it to create equally detailed city-vaporizing toys. Is anyone else fighting back the urge to burst into The Circle of Life right now?

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