Tyrese Gibson Wants to be the Green Lantern

My ex-girlfriend and I were distinguishable by one thing, what sort of ring would make us happy. For her, it was gold with a diamond capable of dragging her to the bottom of a swimming pool should I push… I mean should she fall in, for me it was green and driven by my willpower (Sadly a faculty of mine badly battered from years of video-gaming and Pepsi Max drinking). So with me out of the running as the next Green Lantern someone else had to be considered and Movies.com report that one of the candidates could be Tyrese Gibson.

This is, to be honest a touch disappointing as it means the movie will be based on the cartoon and contain the big 7 (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and The Martian Manhunter). While this does make commercial sense as it would bring an already established audience and presents the biggest names DC has to offer, will that guarantee a great film? Soccer giants Real Madrid had a Galacticos policy, where they bought the biggest name players for vast sums of money. Did it work? No, they failed miserably and are only just getting back on their feet. Will they be able to give all the characters enough screen time?

Already linked with possible Black Panther and Luke Cage projects (Along with actors like Wesley Snipes) Gibson would play John Stewart, who before the cartoon was the least known of the 4 Human Lanterns. It must be stressed this is only a rumor at this stage as the JLA movie is still waiting on a script, a full cast and a date more specific than 2010-ish.

Having said all that if Michael Bay can make a highly creditable (if rather long) live action Transformers movie for less money than Spider-Man 3 and Zach Snyder can get Watchmen off the ground anything is possible. One thing is clear, if the project can get off the ground it will certainly be worth a look.

JLA might be released around 2010.

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