Two More ‘Gravity’ Trailers to Give You an Ulcer

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Don’t have enough tension and worry in your life? No problem, because the marketing of Children of Men director Alfonso Cuarón’s new space thriller, Gravity, seems intent on freaking us all out to the point where we’ll all be sent off to the nuthouse for some decompression before we ever even get a chance to see the movie.

Just yesterday we posted a new trailer put together for the film subtitled “Detached,” which was a single-take shot, reminiscent of the most famous sequence from Children of Men, that put you right in the middle of the action of a space walk gone wrong. Was that closing image of Sandra Bullock drifting off into nothing enough to fuel your nightmares for the next few months on its own? Then maybe you won’t want to click through this one, because today we’ve got two more sequences from the film that are equally as likely to make your brain glitch and your body go numb with fear.

The first is subtitled “Drifting,” and it serves as a nice little followup to what happens to Bullock’s character after she gets flung out into space. Of course, by “nice,” what I really mean is that it’s a soul-crushing look at the infinite of it all, and a terrifying reminder of what tiny little insignificant ants we are – ants who could easily be swept up and destroyed by the whims of the universe at any time, without any notice whatsoever. Enjoy!

The second is subtitled “I’ve Got You,” but probably it should just be called “Panic,” because it consists of a minute and forty-five seconds of pure panic as George Clooney and Bullock’s characters spin out of control at insane speeds through space, desperately trying to grasp hold of something, anything that could be their absolute last chance at gaining some footing and not being jettisoned back off into the cold, unforgiving abyss. Every time you think they might have hold of something… no. If anything is clear at this point, it’s that Gravity is going to be real good at messing with our heads.

Is it going to end up being much more than just two hours of people freaking out and getting thrown out into space though? You can find out when the film hits theaters on October 4, if you still have the courage.

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