Two-Face Wants You to Vomit [Spoilers]

Editor’s Note: Warning, this article may include some big time spoilers. If you do not want to see what Two-Face will look like in The Dark Knight, do not read below. You have been warned.

Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight

In the course of a day, us Rejects come across a ton of stuff we report to you, but at the very least an equal amount that we pass on for various reasons, such as dubious origins or questionable leads. One such item was this picture we found below, which appears to be a pretty damn awesome Photoshop rendering of Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face. Now, not knowing where this originated from and having seen a fair share of fakes on the net, we weren’t quite sure what to do with this. That is, until we came across a recent interview with actor Aaron Eckhart.

In talking with the LA Times, Eckhart discussed how much fun it was to play a complicated villain with prosthetics. He loved the “good guy gone bad” part of the character and enjoyed being an actor underneath a great layer of makeup. And this is where things got interesting. Eckhart was quote as saying “I can tell you that, basically, when you look at Two-Face, you should get sick to your stomach.” According to Mr. Dent himself, the makeup is going to push the boundaries, past what most fans think of when they think Two-Face. Forget Tommy Lee Jones’ pink wrinkly prune face and silly Zoot Suit. The article says that the wounds are “structurally deeper” than they’ve ever been before. Now combine that statement with this image, where we can see severe facial and deep structural damage, we might just be onto something here. As we see in the image, Dent has lost a lot of skin, an ear, his eyelid, and the cheek has been incinerated revealing both muscle and bone.

Eckhart went on further to talk about the development of Two-Face, giving us the idea that we may not be seeing a straight villain as we’re normally treated to, but rather a more indepth look at the motivations and actions of this disfigured vigilante.

“The difference between Batman and Two-Face is how far they are willing to go and how they make their point,” Eckhart said. “Otherwise, we’re talking about vigilante crime-fighting. That’s what Batman is all about. He has a strong sense of justice. And Harvey Dent has an extremely strong sense of justice. His fiancée is killed. He’s horribly injured. But he is still true to himself. He’s a crime fighter, he’s not killing good people. He’s not a bad guy, not purely.”

From the recently released trailer we can see that the origin of Two-Face may have been slightly tweaked. This image (seen below), combined with the trailer, seems to indicate Mr. Dent being badly burned by gasoline, possibly by The Joker. In the comics, Dent was splashed in the face with acid while in a court room.

So maybe we do have our first look at the horrifying appearance that Two-Face will have on the screen. This more gritty, realistic approach to burning and scarring would seem to fit in with the general tone that Nolan has devised for his Batman films.

We can be certain of a few things: This image is sick and totally awesome. Eckhart is a great choice for Dent and wants us to know that Two-Face will push the limits and be grotesque. I’m loving the film already! On a side note, the film grain effect applied over this does remind me somewhat of the Joker pics that were released (and confirmed) some weeks ago. Time will tell, so keep coming back for our updates!

The Dark Knight storms theaters on July 18th.

Image courtesy of Comic Book Resources, Article Source: LATimes

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