Stephenie Meyer Talks About Five Possible Twilight Movies

Twilight Author Stephenie MeyerFirst there was the news that the final book in the Harry Potter series would be split into two films. Now the same thing is being pushed for the final “Twilight” series book by Stephenie Meyer, “Breaking Dawn,” by the author herself.

Meyer is on a book tour and sat down for an interview with MTV where she talked about the parts of the books she’d like to see on film. She also asserted that her final book in the series has to be two films.

I haven’t read the books but apparently life, even for a teen vampire isn’t easy. And it goes on forever! There’s no escaping the tortures of the teen years when they never end. But it can be wildly popular and profitable to write about these tortured and of course great looking souls as Stephenie Meyer has discovered.

Here’s a bit of a problem that I don’t know if the author has considered. How are these teen vampires going to be cast? The beauty of the Harry Potter series for film makers was that the characters grow up with each book, so with a timely film schedule the original cast can make it through to the end of the series.

But what happens when you have characters that don’t age, don’t change and actors that clearly will change?How do you keep on top of that? Robert Pattinson who plays angst ridden, blood craving teen vampire Edward Cullen, is 22. The first film is scheduled to open in December and there’s no sign of the second book being turned into a film right away.

If the first film is successful enough to continue the series how will the casting be handled when the actors such as Pattison age while their characters don’t? I guess there’s always Botox or a painting in the closet.

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