‘Turkey Bowl’ Becomes ‘Three Mississippi,’ Adds Alec Baldwin

In a recent addition of Movie News After Dark the honorable Neil Miller let us all know about a new Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell comedy called Turkey Bowl that suspiciously sounded like an already existing indie film called, well… Turkey Bowl.

In an interview with Inside Movies producer Adam McKay dished out some more details about the impending project. Firstly, the film was originally conceived as a vehicle for Wahlberg to reteam with Alec Baldwin and rekindle some of that meathead chemistry that they had going on in The Departed. It wasn’t until later that Ferrell heard about the project and it also became a reteaming of he and Wahlberg.

Baldwin will play the Kennedy-family-obsessed patriarch of a clan of misfits who organizes a touch football game every Thanksgiving with the snooty family from across the park. His dream is to one day take the rich folk down and recreate his own little version of the Kennedy dynasty. Ferrell is going to be the father of the opposing family, one in which all of the children are going on to do successful things. Wahlberg is playing Baldwin’s eldest son, the one who gets tasked with putting back together his family of addicts and cons and finally getting one over on the folk from across the way. It’s Baldwin’s last wish after he goes down from a heart attack. Oh, and Rob Riggle will play a ringer who has been ejected from the family due to gayness, but who must now be convinced to join back up with his estranged relatives due to his skill out on the field. Over time the rest of the family members on both sides are sure to get filled out with more comedic actors that we know and love.

And what of that other, less star-laden film that’s also called Turkey Bowl? Well, it just got sold and is going to be distributed under the title. That means McKay and company’s film is going to have to come up with something else. He’s tentatively thinking that they might go with Three Mississippi. Also tentative is the film’s setting. McKay says they’re thinking about having it take place in Philadelphia, but he’s waiting to hear what kind of accent everybody wants to butcher. I say they go super punny with the whole thing and just set the movie in Mississippi. If for no other reason, that would at least give us a couple scenes of Wahlberg and Baldwin arguing with southern accents. I’m sure you could sell some tickets with that.

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