‘True Grit’ Trailer Takes You Dead or Alive

There’s a gun slingin’, Johnny Cash song usin’, eye patch wearin’ new trailer for True Grit out today, and it looks like the Coen’s have crafted another beautiful lookin’ film.

We’ll have to wait to see the film to judge it on its own merits (and not just two minutes of clips), but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Plus, check out the 2:11 mark for a guest appearance by Mary Poppins.

A few notes:

  1. The mustache Damon is sporting works so well he should be cast as General Custer.
  2. Jeff Bridges will probably be looking at another Best Actor nomination.
  3. The trailer doesn’t do a very good job of painting the relationship and chemistry between Maddie and Cogburn, and that’s a real sticking point. Without it, the film is nothing.
  4. Wearing bear heads is bound to become the new hot fashion trend.

Nobody better pee on that man’s rug.

What do you think?

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