Tron 2 Potentially Gets a Sillier Name and a Vague Plot

It is likely that even director Joseph Kosinski, the man who went from directing SAAB commercials to being attached to both a Tron sequel and a Logan’s Run remake, hasn’t much more of a clue than we do about what is happening with Tr2n, the mysteriously trailered film that had all of Comic-Con wishing they hadn’t skipped the Race to Witch Mountain presentation. Kosinski has spoken briefly in the media since his trailer — which wasn’t really the film’s trailer, rather just test footage — lit up Hall H in July. And in all of his offerings, he hasn’t given fans of the world’s first computer generated franchise anything to go on — leaving us all sitting in the dark, neon blue and red digital lines racing through our heads.

But as my good friend Peter at Slashfilm points out this evening, industry trade Production Weekly has updated its listing for the Tron sequel, complete with a new name and a vague plot synopsis. The new name is apparently TRZ — what ever happened to the accepted nomenclature in which you simply attach a number to the end of the franchise title? Seriously, what is wrong with Tron 2? Though, if my sources are correct, Disney knows that they could call it “Tron 2: Kill Whitey” and a certain segment of geeks will still go see it.

Alas, whatever this damned movie is going to be called, be it TRZ, Tron 2.0 or When Computers Attack, here is what PW says its plot will be:

“After being transported into the surreal landscape of a mainframe computer to destroy an intruder (Tron), a programmer finds himself allied with the leader of a rebellion against a corrupt cyber-entity.”

The test footage shown at Comic-Con hinted at Jeff Bridges reprising his role of Flynn from the first Tron, which was made in 1982, though as I explained above, details are still very scarce at this point. So scarce, in fact, that even this title change seems like something we should be filing away until we get an official press release.

Hipster title or not, Tron 2 should be on its way to theaters, supposedly in 3D, sometime in 2010.

Are you excited about a second Tron movie? Scratch that, dumb question. What would you like to see out of a second Tron movie?

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