Trilogy of Terror: What the Third Film in THE FLY Series Would Have Looked Like

Pretty cool news for the “what could have been” file coming from Rob Galluzzo, Senior Editor of, who reports from his latest Shock Waves podcast that not only was there once upon a time a plan for a third FLY movie titled, wittily enough, FLIES, but that Geena Davis, star of the first (remake) film was going to reprise her role and produce the new movie.

This info comes courtesy of Galluzzo’s guest this week, writer/director Mick Garris (HOCUS POCUS, CRITTERS II), who wrote the screenplay for THE FLY II, which Davis was not in, and who broke the news when asked about his time with the franchise:
“I wonder whatever happened to FLIES? They were going to do FLIES, in the same way they made ALIENS, but I remember they announced FLIES. Geena Davis was going to produce it.”

Seems no one was happy with the direction THE FLY II had taken the franchise and FLIES was to be a return to form of sorts, the way HALLOWEEN IV was supposed to make everyone forget SEASON OF THE WITCH.

“20th Century Fox was going to do the same thing … and act as if THE FLY II didn’t happen. Geena Davis was producing it and she was going to star in it. I know that they developed scripts, though I’ve never seen any of them. I don’t know what it was about, but I do know that she was going to star in it and it was going to be a bigger budget, high-profile movie.”

So then this was another cue FLIES was going to take from the ALIEN franchise – it was going to skew itself as a female-centric action flick. If you consider the timeframe in which this was said to be happening, the mid-90’s you’ll remember Davis had an action film or two under her belt at the time including THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT and CUTTHROAT ISLAND, both helmed by her husband at the time, renowned action director Renny Harlin. As Galluzzo speculates, it seems likely FLIES could have been another project cooked up by the power couple. And I’d add that it could be the one-two punch of their films together, especially CUTTHROAT ISLAND, which was a significant financial disaster, that put the kibosh on the project ever hitting the production phase. Galluzzo was able to dig up one plot point about the film from an old copy of Fangoria (which proves he is very, very suited for his job): the film was to open with Davis as her character from the first film somehow giving birth to two more Rundlefly babies, twins. Get it? There’s two of them: FLIES. Let the gorefest begin!

Sadly, this isn’t the only extension of the FLYverse to fail to find a greenlight. Original (remake) director David Cronenberg wanted to return to the franchise as recently as 2011 with an unconnected story he once described to Indiewire as “a meditation on fly-ness,” but oddly enough the studio passed.

Hit the podcast link above to hear Garris talk about the film in his own words, and also just to hear a damn fine podcast.

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