Transformers To Feature Feature Crystals and New Age Healing

Transformers 2 is shooting in Sedona, Arizona… otherwise known as the land of crystal healing, UFOs, and it’s a New Age mecca. Oh, and they have some pretty awesome scenery, to boot.
By  · Published on April 3rd, 2008

The Sedona Film Office in Arizona has been working overtime lately, reeling in huge Hollywood films. This year they’ll have Star Trek, Land of the Lost, and Transformers 2 shooting in their gorgeous Red Rocks formations, and hopefully John Tesh won’t be anywhere within view. However, there may be some alien abductions happening.

While Sedona features beautiful canyons and stunning vistas, there are a big group of people who think are “spiritual vortices” in Sedona, and some new agers held a big “Harmonic Convergence” there in 1987. Now there’s a thriving new age tourist industry in the city. If this somehow translates to Optimus Prime talking about “healing crystals” or the power of the spirit in this new movie, then you might as well just give up and start taking yoga classes now. That is, before our new spiritual robot overlords start forcing us.

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