Trailer Mashup: ‘Inception’ Meets ‘Black Narcissus’

Trailer Mashup: ‘Inception’ Meets ‘Black Narcissus’

Fans of the 1947 erotic thriller Black Narcissus will definitely approve of this glorious trailer featuring scenes from the original blended perfectly with a remix of “Mind Heist” from the Inception trailer.

Somehow, the modern soundtrack works brilliantly to slap your face right when a nun is looking her most dramatic. Plus, like any good trailer should, it makes you want to watch the film immediately – especially if you’ve been aching to see some hot nuns lately anyway.

And who hasn’t?

The beauty of this cannot be described. It must be watched:

Special thanks to reader Travon Boykins who sent this bad boy all the way from wherever the military has secretly stationed him. We hear it’s hot there, so keep cool.

Of course, Inception is in theaters now and Black Narcissus is available as part of the Criterion collection starting today.

Who knew that something 63 years old could feel so fresh? That opening strike of the gong gives you goosebumps.


Source: Rope of Silicon has all the information on who made it.

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