‘Tr2n’ Has Taken Over FSR’s Computers With Awesome


It looks like we got a nice little viral package in the mail today just like everyone else. This packaged contained a USB drive and two gold arcade coins from a very famous movie arcade…and no it isn’t Noah’s Arcade (anyone?). If you can remember Flynn’s Arcade from the movie Tron, we are about to make you pretty jealous. Check out the gold coins from the self proclaimed “Home of Tron.” It would seem though that the little file, simply called “4.gif”, is the most important part of our care package.

Alex over at FirstShowing seems to have almost cracked the code by compiling the gifs from all the various site from around the webs. All the resourceful code junkies from throughout the internet have come together to find that the code spells out “FLYNN LIVES.” Now follow with me everyone, connect the dots and go to www.FlynnLives.com to see what viral goodness that the new Tron has in store. The site basically tries to prove, who would ever guess, that Flynn lives. Who would have ever though that with all of these viral marketing campaigns, that we would finally see an appropriate movie where an online computer viral game actually makes sense?

Now there was another piece of the puzzle, which leads to a pretty frustrating climax. Over at Flynn Lives, there is a little bouncing video game spider that when clicked…leads you to a countdown. The countdown points to Thursday night at 9:30, which probably means that we can expect some type of announcement from Comic-Con. Until then, take a look at the crazy code and the websites to see if you can decode some.

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