‘Tower Block’ Trailer: This Isn’t Just Some Random Attack

By  · Published on September 18th, 2012

Remember last week, when we implored our readership to just stop adopting feral children? Now we must request that you all just stop living in massive apartment buildings. Nothing good is happening there. As our pals over at /Film note, we’ve had a hearty smattering of films that center on bad things happening in huge apartment buildings cropping up lately (they name The Raid, Dredd, and Attack the Block, but SXSW favorite Citadel should also be included here), and now they’ll be joined by Tower Block.

The British film is set in a giant apartment building (of all places!) and centers on a small group of residents who suddenly find themselves being picked off by a sniper located somewhere outside the building who is firing at them through their windows. The film’s first trailer also lets on that some sort of brutal attack has recently killed off a young resident, and the film’s synopsis reveals that Tower Block has such a slim cast because the building is in the middle of a mass eviction. Sounds like a lot of tension! Take a look at the first trailer after the break.

Tower Block has played the UK Film4 FrightFest, will play at Fantastic Fest this week, and currently has a regular UK booking lined up for this week. Hopefully, we’ll get it in the U.S. of A. soon. [Twitch, via /Film]