‘Touchy Feely’ Trailer Wants to Get Close and Relieve Your Tension


Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister was one of the best films of 2012, and is still probably criminally underseen, so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to her new film, Touchy Feely, by spreading around its trailer early and often. The film stars Rosemarie Dewitt as a massage therapist who develops a fear of touching and being touched by other people, and even though that sounds like a difficult enough hurdle to overcome already, probably it’s safe to say that’s not entirely what the movie is about.

No, the new trailer for the film makes it seem like a metaphor for the larger issue of human relationships, how we make connections with other people, how important those connections are to our wellbeing, and all of that good stuff. Of course, any movie about human relationships is going to need some talented humans to bring the whole thing to life, so Touchy Feely has gone ahead and brought together a cast of people like Ellen Page, Scoot McNairy, Allison Janney, and Josh Pais to make that happen. Click through to watch the trailer and see how they did.

If you’re the type of person who usually appreciates Shelton’s method of getting her actors together in a few confined spaces in order to heighten the intimacy between them and then see how that plays out on camera, then it seems like Touchy Feely is going to have plenty for you to love. And hey, look at that, Mark Duplass even showed up in the trailer long enough to say one word. Who can say no to that?

The film is scheduled to first become available on iTunes on August 1, and then hit theaters a little bit later on September 6, so make sure you’re ready to hunt it down.

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