Totally Boring: Images of Megan Fox on the Set of 'Jonah Hex'

They made Megan Fox wear a bathrobe on the set of the Jonah Hex film, which began shooting this week, in order to cover up her costume. We’re not exactly sure why… Whether or not potential audiences see Fox in her old-West lady-gunslinger getup (she plays Leila, Jonah Hex’s gun-toting love interest), they’re still going to go see the movie simply because Megan Fox is in it… not to mention Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex) and John Malkovich (Turnbull).

Regardless, photos of Megan in her bathrobe cover-up surfaced on the Web yesterday, but all we can get a glimpse of are her boots, some skirts (or maybe petticoats? How scandalous!), and a garter belt. Unfortunately, the garter belt isn’t even that hot since she’s wearing it somewhere down near her knee/shin instead of on her thigh, where I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to go. Directed by Jimmy Hayward, Jonah Hex is a Warner Bros. production and currently has a tentative release date of August 6, 2010.