World War II

Ill Be Seeing You

‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ and How Rewarding Sad Christmas Movies Can Be


The best holiday movies take on the realistic struggles of our lives and turn them into heartwarming stories, including ‘I’ll Be Seeing You.’

The Mortal Storm James Stewart

Once Untimely, ‘The Mortal Storm’ Proves Timeless Years Later


While critics and audiences thought it was untimely in 1940, the themes it explores have proved to be timeless as years have passed.

The Cold Blue Poster

‘The Cold Blue’ is ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ with B-17 Bombers


We chat with documentarian Erik Nelson about his tribute to the Mighty Eighth Air Force and the cinematographers who risked their lives to capture their experience.

Gaslight Film Screencap

‘Gaslight’ and the Political Psychology of a Melodramatic Thriller


‘Gaslight’ may have been political to begin with, but the term it spawned has still become overused for political discourse.