Best Year In Movies

The Best Year in Movies was 1968


Zombies, space sagas and age ratings: fifty years ago, cinema was changed forever.

Stc Bts Ian Nelms Eshom Nelms Scott Forster Hawkes Credit Ngoc Nguyen

The Nelms Brothers Dish on Making A Contemporary Western with Octavia Spencer


We chat with Eshom and Ian Nelms about what it takes to make an excellent, small movie about some messed up people just trying to do the right thing.

Hostiles Christian Bale

Where Westerns Fit in Modern Society


They are more than just a relic, but an opportunity for reinvention.

The Proposition Christmas

Finding the Reason for the Season in John Hillcoat’s ‘The Proposition’


The Proposition explores the abject loneliness of the holiday season, exposing the hell of emotions buried beneath Christmas.

The Great Silence Movie Poster

‘The Great Silence’ Review: A Spaghetti Western With Hate For Its Audience


Sergio Corbucci’s lost masterpiece finally gets its proper presentation after years in a cult status limbo.

Total Eclipse Nasa

When the Sun Goes Dark: New Western to be Shot During Upcoming Eclipse


‘Western Sol’ will be a cinematic first when it’s live-streamed on August 21st.

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Why the Western Needs to Come Back


Since Get Out, there has been much talk of the political utility of the horror genre, but with movies like ‘Hell or High Water’ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ reaffirming that social comment isn’t the sole property of horror films, could the “dying” Western enjoy new life, post-election?