Spaghetti Western music Once Upon a Time in the West

A Formal Investigation Into Why Spaghetti Western Music Slaps So Hard


Guitar twangs, piccolos, and bass trombones, oh my!

Stagecoach what is a western

What is a Western, Anyway?


The Western is dead, long live the Western.

Mandalorian Season Western Science Fiction TV

The Western Lives On in Science Fiction Television


Traditional Westerns may still be out of fashion, but you can find a semblance of the genre in ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ TV series.

horror-westerns history Pale Door

A Brief History of Horror-Westerns


Horror and Westerns are two distinct genres, but they’ve proven to be strong companions throughout the years.

The Mandalorian Chapter Two

The Western and Samurai Influences of ‘The Mandalorian’


The galaxy far, far away was inspired by the Old West and feudal Japan.

Animated Westerns

The Continued Calamity of Animated Westerns


Almost all of the major animation studios have attempted Westerns, and all of them have either been flops or are mostly forgotten.

Jesse James Deakins

Aberration in The Lens: Roger Deakins and Jesse James


The genius cinematographer’s laconic take on the modern western is a masterclass in film photography and light.

Vincent Donofrio Westerns

Talking Westerns and Perfect Shots with Vincent D’Onofrio


The legendary actor discusses the origins of his new film ‘The Kid’ and working with both longtime collaborators and new faces.

Rewind Movies You Missed Header

The Best Movies You Missed in 2018


Do you want your year-end lists to appear more sophisticated than your neighbor? Make sure to catch these underseen gems before the year is out.