Vod June

What’s New on VOD for June 2020


The first month of summer brings the first competitive release date in a while and two of the year’s best films so far.

Vod May

What’s New on VOD for May 2020


The newly minted era of “virtual cinema” is upon us. We explore what’s new and notable on VOD in May.


‘Trolls World Tour’ Going Straight to VOD Was Its Best Possible Outcome


The animated sequel made history with its digital release and broke records in the process. But does that mean much for the future of Hollywood?

Vod April

What’s New on VOD for April 2020


Life without movie theaters means an entertainment industry pining to give us even more options at home

Invisible Man On Vod

New Movies Head to VOD While Theaters Go Dark


Universal is putting ‘The Hunt,’ ‘The Invisible Man,’ ‘Trolls World Tour,’ and other would-be theatrical titles on the small screen during the coronavirus crisis.