Invisible Man On Vod

New Movies Head to VOD While Theaters Go Dark


Universal is putting ‘The Hunt,’ ‘The Invisible Man,’ ‘Trolls World Tour,’ and other would-be theatrical titles on the small screen during the coronavirus crisis.

Bel Powley Diary Of A Teenage Girl

Judd Apatow’s Latest Comedy Will Bring Bel Powley to the Mainstream


With projects like ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’ under her belt, the indie darling has long proven her prowess. Now, we just want the world to know her name.

Prince Purple Rain

Not Making a Prince Biopic is the Best Decision


He was an enigmatic wonder, but that’s precisely why his songs can — in jukebox musical form — teach volumes about the politics of identity.

Dear Evan Hansen Poster

The ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Movie Should Be More Grounded


The smash hit musical generally has the right fixings for a timely feature film, but it needs some grit to balance out its feel-good nature.


‘Rafiki’ Breakout Wanuri Kahiu Lands Her First Studio Movie


The Kenyan filmmaker is on her way to stardom as she lends her visionary qualities to the LA romance ‘Covers.’

No Featured Image

‘First Man’ Review: Spectacle Disguises the Broken Astronaut


One of mankind’s greatest achievements unfolds with dazzling special effects that overshadow a disengaging story.

D Blu Ray Spines CNET

Will Advanced Viewing Formats Boost Movie Sales in 2018?


Studios plan to double down on their strategies to get moviegoers to buy films in 2018, but audiences’ love for streaming platforms might be too far gone.

Mamma Mia

‘Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again’ Trailer Revives Abba Once Again


 The musical sequel is the Godfather II adaptation we never wanted. 

Super Mario

The People Behind The Minions Are Going to Make a Mario Bros. Movie


It’s a me, Mario! Jumping to the big screen.