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Live from Hall H: Guy Ritchie Unleashes RocknRolla Trailer


When we say, “Live,” we mean very, very recent. And when we say “unleashes,” we mean, it’s Cool as Hell.

Live from Hall H: Benecio Del Toro’s Wolfman Shows Up on Screen


Con attendees certainly didn’t pack Hall H for a Universal panel about the little horror remake known as The Wolf Man. They must have thought that Benicio Del Toro wasn’t going to show up and show off footage. They were obviously wrong.

Live From Hall H: Dark Castle Offers Hills Running Red and Ninjas Assassinating


Dark Castle unleashes trailers for Ninja Assassin and The Hills Run Red on the unwitting masses at Comic-Con, sending horror fans and teenage Korean-Pop-Singing fans into paroxysms of joy. At the same time.