Tom Holland


The Crowded Room Apple Series

Despite A Great Cast, ‘The Crowded Room’ Isn’t Worth The Visit


Apple TV’s muddled new drama benefits from an A-List cast, but it’s not enough to make it worth a watch.

Spider Man Far From Home Tom Holland

How Tom Holland Celebrates Potent Sentimentality


Having finessed all manner of vulnerable characters, the ‘Spider-Man’ star now treads deeper creative waters beyond the sensitivity that originally marked his claim to fame.

A wet dog in Chaos Walking

‘Chaos Walking’ Trips All Over Itself and Never Gets Back Up


The stars of ‘Cherry’ and ‘Scrawl’ and the director of ‘Locked Down’ — what could go wrong?

Russo Brothers Cherry

Anthony Russo Explains How Six Tones are Better than One in ‘Cherry’


We chat with the director about his new film and how he and his brother jumbled genres to capture life in chaos.

Cherry Henry Jackman Apple Tv

Henry Jackman Cooks Musical Chaos in His Laboratory for ‘Cherry’


We chat with the composer about embracing instrumental instability to craft the ambiguous score sought by The Russo Brothers.

Far From Home Final Shot Screenshot

Finding a “Home” for the Next ‘Spider-Man’


We rattle off our fifteen pitches for the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ sequel.

Decade Breakout Performances

The 25 Best Breakout Performances of the Decade


The 2010s produced many indelible cinematic performances that have redefined the art of acting in film. But which breakthrough stars have made the biggest impact?

Anticipated Performances

Our Most Anticipated Performances for the Rest of 2019


Natalie Portman, Song Kang-ho, and Charlize Theron are just a few of the actors that have performances we can’t wait to see this fall.

Spider Man Far From Home Extended Cut

Finding a Satisfying End in the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Extended Cut


We look at the re-released sequel and consider Peter Parker’s finality in the MCU.