Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

Here you will find the archives for reviews, interviews, essays, and news related to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Jojo Rabbit Forest

‘Jojo Rabbit’ Review: A Hitler Comedy That’s More Safe Than Subversive


Taika Waititi’s latest is too cute to land a punch.

Tiff Movies

Where to Watch the Movies of the 2019 Toronto Film Festival


Are you wondering where you can watch all of the most buzzed about movies? We have you covered.

Knives Out

‘Knives Out’ Review: A Whodunit That’s Fun But Faulted


If nothing else, Rian Johnson’s film is definitive proof that Daniel Craig has impeccable comedic talents.

Guns Akimbo

‘Guns Akimbo’ Review: A Sensory Overload that Fires Blanks


Despite an enticingly bananas premise, the follow up from ‘Deathgasm’ director Jason Lei Howden is something of a misfire.

Pain and Glory

‘Pain and Glory’ Review: A Tender Portrait of Hurt and Heart in Almodóvar’s Latest


Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Pain and Glory’ is an intensely personal and sensuous return to form.

Lucy In The Sky

‘Lucy In The Sky’ Review: A Film So Abysmal It’s Almost Impressive


Noah Hawley and Natalie Portman throw everything they have at a wall. None of it sticks.

Uncut Gems

‘Uncut Gems’ Review: A Dazzling and Unrelenting Masterwork


The Safdie Brothers’ thriller is a raw and powerful feat of filmmaking anchored by a career-best Adam Sandler performance.

Vast of Night

‘The Vast of Night’ Review: An Out of This World Directorial Debut


‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ by way of ‘Pontypool’? Beam us up.

Coloroutofspace Hero

‘Color Out of Space’ Review: A Disappointing Delirium Showing Why Cosmic Horror Needs to Be Personal


Some people waited twelve hours in line for Richard Stanley’s Lovecraftian return, but was it worth it?