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Double Take: Unpacking The Controversies of ‘Joker’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’

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Two films about radicalization made waves at TIFF, but what do these vastly different movies actually have to say about the subject?

Personal History Of David Copperfield

‘The Personal History of David Copperfield’ Review: Aims For Whimsy But Comes Up Short


Armando Iannucci’s take on Dickens is a stilted and tedious step down from ‘The Death of Stalin.’

Jojo Rabbit Jump

How ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Appeals To the Masses


Taika Waititi’s new satire is surprisingly awards-friendly.


How ‘The Vigil’ Director Keith Thomas Made a Jewish Genre Film


We spoke to ‘The Vigil’ writer-director Keith Thomas about his (un)Orthodox genre debut, his love of Skinny Puppy, and the delicate art of spider wrangling.

True History Of The Kelly Gang

‘True History of the Kelly Gang’ Review: A Gleefully Bonkers Take on Australia’s Greatest Outlaw


More like Portrait of a Kelly Gang on Fire.

Jojo Rabbit Forest

‘Jojo Rabbit’ Review: A Hitler Comedy That’s More Safe Than Subversive


Taika Waititi’s latest is too cute to land a punch.

Tiff Movies

Where to Watch the Movies of the 2019 Toronto Film Festival


Are you wondering where you can watch all of the most buzzed about movies? We have you covered.

Knives Out

‘Knives Out’ Review: A Whodunit That’s Fun But Faulted


If nothing else, Rian Johnson’s film is definitive proof that Daniel Craig has impeccable comedic talents.

Guns Akimbo

‘Guns Akimbo’ Review: A Sensory Overload that Fires Blanks


Despite an enticingly bananas premise, the follow up from ‘Deathgasm’ director Jason Lei Howden is something of a misfire.