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cinema in the age of streaming

Where Does “Cinema” Happen in the Age of Streaming?


The pandemic has intensified concerns that streaming poses a threat to the cinematic experience. Here’s a video essay explaining why.


The Genuinely Horrifying Horror Comedy of ‘Slither’


James Gunn’s directorial debut is as repulsive as it is underrated.

Jidlo Food Jan Švankmajer

The Morbid Delights of Jan Švankmajer’s ‘Food’


It’s a real gut-buster. In more ways than one. Here’s a video essay on the absurdist short film’s tonal tightrope walk.

Nate Milton Cassini Short Film

Identifying With Space Probes: The Cosmic Solitude of ‘Cassini’


Here’s a short animated film about loneliness, unlikely company, and the quiet beauty of a solitary space probe.

Full Metal Jacket Stanley Kubrick takes

Stanley Kubrick and the Rationale Behind Incessant Takes


Some directors say “we got it” when they do not, in fact, “got it.” Those directors are not Stanley Kubrick.

Miss Juneteenth women in film 2020

How Women Took Up Space in the Movies of 2020


Watch a video essay about the female-led films that defined cinema last year.

X Rating

The Brief and Scandalous History of the X Rating


What was its purpose and why was it so infamous? Let’s sneak a peek, shall we?

The Matrix Fembot Red Dress

A Brief History of the Fembot in a Red Dress


Were you distracted by the woman in the red dress? Yeah, us too. So let’s talk about it.

Gravity sound design

‘Gravity’ and the Line Between Realistic and Believable Sound Design


In sound cinema, the impression of silence is rarely…well, silent. Here’s a look at ‘Gravity’ to explain why.