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Spaghetti Western music Once Upon a Time in the West

A Formal Investigation Into Why Spaghetti Western Music Slaps So Hard


Guitar twangs, piccolos, and bass trombones, oh my!

The River Jean Renoir

The Soft-Spoken Coming of Age Splendor of Jean Renoir’s ‘The River’


Technicolor growing pains, soft-spoken narration, and a commanding feminist point of view. Here’s a look at what makes Renoir’s first color feature so great.

The Wolf Of Wall Street Martin Scorsese Religion

From Sinful to Sacred: Religious Themes in the Films of Martin Scorsese


The son, the father, and the holy GOAT.

Pedro Almodovar Centered Cinematography

The Center-Framed Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar


Arguably one of the most visually identifiable directors working today, here’s a quick celebration of the center frames of Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar

Natasha Braier Cinematography

From ‘XXY’ to ‘The Neon Demon’: The Cinematography of Natasha Braier


A bold, uncompromising voice in cinematography: here’s a quick intro to what defines the work of Natasha Braier.

Denis Villeneuve Directing Style

A Crash Course on the Directorial Evolution of Denis Villeneuve


How did Denis Villeneuve get to ‘Dune’? Here’s a quick introduction to how the French-Canadian director found his creative voice.

Alita Battle Angel CGI Skin

Pore Than Meets the Eye: Why It’s So Hard to Make CGI Skin Look Real


Looks like the uncanny valley was only … skin deep.

Taxi Driver

In Praise of Rhetorical Questions: The Secret to an Iconic Movie Quote


Want to know why rhetorical questions stick in our heads? Well, do you, punk?

Ralph Bakshi Lord Of The Rings

An In-Depth History of Ralph Bakshi’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’


Remember when they let the guy who made ‘Fritz the Cat’ adapt ‘The Lord of the Rings’? The ’70s were wild, man.