The Florida Project

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How ‘The Florida Project’ Gives Harsh Reality the Fairy Tale Treatment


When you think about it, it’s an ugly story—but damn, is it a beautiful film.

Summer 1993

Twin Films: ‘The Florida Project’ and ‘Summer 1993’


Exploring the remarkable similarities and revealing differences between these two recent additions to cinema’s treasure chest.

Original T

The Kids Are More Than Alright


Kids on film offer their profoundly simple take on the world: adults would do well to pay attention.

Call Me By Your Name

Why Are Limited Release Movies Still A Distribution Method in 2018?


The Florida Project and Call Me By Your Name were films damaged by this antiquated distribution strategy.

Patti Cakes

The New Social Realism of American Cinema


American cinema has been the frontrunner of genres including horror, drama, and action. But the one genre the U.S. notably hasn’t dabbled in is Social Realism. Until recently.

Rewind Workingclass

The Working Class Heroes of 2017


This was a year in which Hollywood reached out into the rest of America to find some of its most compelling heroes.

Rewind Learned

17 Things I Learned at the Movies in 2017


A year’s worth of cine-educational lessons.

Columbus Movie

The Comfort of Real Places


Genuine locations were the place to be at the movies this year.

Florida Project Rainbow

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child: How Color is Used in ‘The Florida Project’


The movie’s vibrant cinematography gifts us the sunny outlook of a child.