The Clone Wars

Shattered Screenshot Clone Wars

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: The Final Order is Given in “Shattered”


The darkest hour is upon us in the latest episode of ‘The Clone Wars.’

Clone Wars Ep Screenshot Kick

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: Ahsoka Tano is Done Being a Puppet in ‘Gone With A Trace’


The Jedi are fallible. We know this even better than Ahsoka Tano does. Once again, Order 66 looms over everything in ‘The Clone Wars.’

Clone Wars Mace Windu Bamf

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: Season Seven is All “Unfinished Business”


‘The Clone Wars’ is merely a skirmish within ‘Star Wars,’ and the pain experienced by its soldiers is never-ending.

The Clone Wars Bad Batch Screenshot

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: Stuck in the Trenches with ‘The Bad Batch’


The Final Season begins only where it could and should – with clones.