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‘Yesterday’ and the Ultimate Big Lie


Danny Boyle’s movie uses an extreme what-if situation to play with and distract from romantic comedy tropes.

Yesterday Danny Boyle Richard Curtis Himesh Patel

The ‘Yesterday’ Trailer is a Roaring Delight


Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ jukebox musical brainchild could deliver prime feel-good vibes without scrimping on some pertinent moral questions.

Lennon And Yoko

Jean-Marc Vallée to Direct a Yoko Ono and John Lennon Movie


The director behind “Sharp Objects” and “Big Little Lies” has the necessary style and voice for the Ono/Lennon film to rise above the standard biopic.

Ed Sheeran In Game Of Thrones

Danny Boyle’s Next Movie Stars Ed Sheeran as Himself


Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ musical comedy is finally starting to take form with some curious casting and plot details.

The Beatles

I Saw a Film Today, Oh Boy: Exploring The Beatles’ Engrossing Cinematic Forays


The Fab Four’s films are a mixed bag, but they each provide wholly distinct insights into the world’s most beloved band.