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The Underneath: An Austin Noir

Looking back at the movie that almost caused Steven Soderbergh to have a fatal breakdown.One could be forgiven for assuming a movie was something of a disaster if it caused its director to have a brea…


The Quiet Sweetness of Texan Crime

‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ and ‘Hell or High Water’ expand upon the charming thieves in ‘Bonnie and Clyde.’Bonnie and Clyde weren’t just the people that screwed up the Oscars and Texas isn’t just for …


The Loss of the Old West

‘The Last Picture Show’ and ‘Hell or High Water’ delve into a changing of timesSmall towns where everyone knows each other’s business. If you aren’t on the local football team, you had better be disab…

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Welcome to Texas Week

As we get ready for South by Southwest, we’re celebrating Texas.The month of March is many things dependent upon your interests. It could be known for March Madness, the annual NCAA college basketball…


The 8 Best Films About Texas

In honor of the South By Southwest festival in Austin a few weeks back and this weekend's AFI Dallas Film Festival, and to celebrate the fact that Neil has very little power over me while he's still r…