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The Lawnmower Man

A Brief History of Virtual Reality in Movies


Before ‘Ready Player One,’ a bunch of other movies entered virtual reality as well.

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Steven Spielberg Resurrects a Lost Dalton Trumbo Script for Amazon


The miniseries will focus on the conquests of explorer Hernan Cortés.

The Adventures Of Tintin

Steven Spielberg Says ‘Tintin’ Sequel Will Happen Whether You Want It Or Not (Psst! You Want It)


Another ‘Adventures of Tintin’ film is still moving forward with Peter Jackson at the helm.

Steven Spielberg business Netflix

Steven Spielberg Says Netflix Movies Shouldn’t Be Eligible for Oscars


Spielberg urges the Academy to freeze out SVOD content, but is that really the right move?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Can ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Find Redemption?


Indiana Jones 5 has a production date. But, can they give us what we need to make a truly great sequel?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Steven Spielberg’s Action Scenes


This new video essay shows the legendary director knows that the best action moments are attention-grabbing and character-driven.

Screen Shot At Pm

The Life, Death, and Rocky Rebirth of the Movie Musical


Can Steven Spielberg resuscitate the genre?

Steven Spielberg Munich

Steven Spielberg Makes Us See With Our Ears


A new video essay looks at how the legendary director uses sound design to tell a story.

The Post Ensemble

Steven Spielberg Beat Liam Neeson at the Box Office


The director went up against his former star and topped all new wide releases.