Steven Soderbergh


Lopez and Clooney in Out Of Sight

46 Things We Learned from Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Out of Sight’ Commentary


“A good producer can be a help, a bad producer can kill you.”


No, We’re Not About to See ‘Contagion’ Come True


Let’s all just take a deep breath and talk science for a minute.

Point Blank Blu

32 Things We Learned from the ‘Point Blank’ Commentary


“It’s one of those things that may not be logically defensible, but emotionally it makes perfect sense.”

The Laundromat

‘The Laundromat’ Review: Spotlighting Global Corruption Through a Keen, Comical Lens


“The world is just men hiding behind piles of paper.”

High Flying Bird

Watch ‘High Flying Bird,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 8 movies to watch after you see the latest from Steven Soderbergh.

The Report

‘The Report’ Review: A Sharp Political Thriller That Sticks to the Facts [Sundance]


Imagine a prescient political thriller not just made for liberals—one that wants to be understood and taken seriously by all parties, like a politically sober ‘The Post.’

Moonrise Centered

The Enhancing Nature of the Lens Plot


Watch this video essay about a cinematography technique that draws viewers deeper into the story.

Contagion Cinematography

The Infectious Cinematography of ‘Contagion’


Cinematography is a character in ‘Contagion,’ and an acutely germaphobic one at that.

Gary Ross Pic

‘Ocean’s 8’ Director Gary Ross Talks Planning the Big Heist, Rihanna, and a Lesson From ‘Big’


We chat with the ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Ocean’s 8’ director about pulling off a big heist (and a whole lot more).