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Kraven's Last Hunt

Kraven the Hunter Gets His Own Movie Without a Spider-Man to Hunt


Kraven the Hunter is the latest Spider-Man rogue to nab a solo adventure.

Jb Smoove

J.B. Smoove to Play a Lead Role in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’


No word on who he will play, but our bet is on the teacher leading Parker’s class trip across Europe.


Spider-Man Will Be ‘Far From Home’ in His Next Movie


Tom Holland cheekily reveals the title of the next Spider-Man adventure, and it could mean hell for the character.

Silk Cover Detail

‘Silk’ Joins Sony’s Ever-Expanding Spider-Verse


Another strand in the web of the Spider-Verse is spun into place as Marvel’s first Korean-American heroine swings into development.

The Girl In The Spiders Web

Sony Wills ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ into Existence


Director Fede Alvarez digs two graves in this franchise’s road to relevancy.

Black Cat Cover

A Strand of the Spider-Verse Tears Away as ‘Silver and Black’ is Put on Hold


What’s a Spider-Verse without a Spider-Man?


Spike Lee is Making a Superhero Joint With ‘Nightwatch’


Sony is stepping up their superhero game with a huge directorial coup.

Silver Sable Black Cat

‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Chaos Walking’ Writers Join Sony’s Next Spider-Man Spin-Off


The Silver Sable and Black Cat movie ‘Silver and Black’ just lined up some more amazing talent.

Django Unchained Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Quentin Tarantino’s Ninth Feature


Tarantino and DiCaprio are partnering up once again.